WORLD HELP Deluxe is actually my very first album! If you recall, I released my debut EP RUIN on September 30th, 2019 which is the same day WORLD HELP Deluxe released in 2020. Expect an album release from me every end of September, I'll never leave your music buds dry.

So much has happened during this time of the pandemic and it is probably collectively the most out of control time of who is living on the planet today. Of course with Black people enduring slavery, today we're enduring losing freedom rights on top of racism. This is the death of everything that we are now here fighting for.

There are so many thoughts that I can put into this blog article, but honestly now as I sit here and listen to the WORLD HELP DELUXE album I would rather write separate articles about each song so that they don't get overlooked. Since this is only my second blog, I'm going to leave a bunch of content below so that you get to know me in a musical sense, we can get personal way later.

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