Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The term "starving artist" used to be thrown around so much. Thank goodness that today, we don't have to resort to that term because there are a lot of ways for musicians to make money. For me, WITNESSTHEFAME™ Records is one of them.

Upon meeting my husband, who is the CEO of this company, I had a very loose recording of a sample of "Ready Or Not" by Lauryn Hill. The longest story can come out of this loose ended recording:

It was time for me to finally start releasing digital music in 2018. I was looking to get my digital recording career started since I was solely a performing artist. I had a huge advantage, support, a studio, a producer, an engineer, and a mixed track. I am very grateful all of that was able to happen.

I specifically requested an original music production, but others wanted to have some control over the studio recording. I'm a music producer, so I can make a music production myself. Since I put that into someone else's hands, they gave me a sample that I did not ask for. Remaining grateful for the sample music production, I wrote a bangin' cover to the sample. It took me about 10-15min to write, then I recorded it, it was quickly mixed and we were able to comfortably listen right away.

Once this was all completed, I requested the fully mixed version from the audio engineer that we were working with, but he told me he didn't have the track anymore. That confused me because I keep all my files, I have music productions from other artists from even 10 years ago. So I walked around for about a month promoting a busted digital sample of my debut song.

Eventually I did request some different help from some colleagues, and they were able to support me in my journey. I recorded one of my best original ballads, which isn't released yet, that I've been working on for seven years. The mix was PERFECT, oh I was in LOVE! I'm so ready to release this song to the world, just getting my fanbase up so you all can heal from it!

When I met my husband in person for the first time (he was unaware that I was a musician) I made it totally clear that I was a musician, with much more knowledge than most. I studied Music Business in college, and as an artist he wanted some support in that area. Excitedly, we listened to my balled. The response was supporting and loving so we started working from there.

Basically, I came across WITNESSTHEFAME™ Records and my music career digitally got on the right track! I was able to comfortably release music online, upload music freely, stay true to my art, gain recording advances, unlimited mixing and mastering services, creative direction, and so much more. Now, I know you're probably thinking "he's your husband, of course you receive all of that" and while that may be true, as Vice President of WITNESSTHEFAME™ Records today, I give my artists what they need to support them. It is my dream to build a performing arts studio for less fortunate children to practice their craft. I believe all musical talented needs to be recognized and the cost of services should not get in the way. This foreshadowed in a way I never imagined, and with the state of the world today I am more than grateful to still support International and local artists through the digital space.

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