Showing off your brand is bound to be easier, especially with my talents outside of music. Being a creative in general, can take your brand to the next level. Whether you've just started your brand journey, or are looking for the next best face for it, I'm here to see if our morals match up. 

Through this life journey I've been a hair fanatic. Growing up in the "straight hair era" where Black women weren't aware of their own natural styles yet, I've lived long enough to understand that the switch up from back then to today is tremendous and way more authentic than ever. 

Since I was literally a huge part of that switch up, I'm forever representing natural hair. I represent the roots of African American women by wearing my natural hair with no relaxer, and barely straightening it. It's been over a year now since I've straightened my curls. 

If you're interested in my hair story journey, you can click here to continue the journey.

On top of being a hair fanatic, I truly believe that children are the future, and as Whitney Houston also said, let them lead the way. I don't have children of my own yet, and I'm also an only child. So after babysitting, nannying, teaching, and observing friends with younger siblings, and coming to the conclusion that we are big kids and must always keep that child inside of us; I do my absolute best to make sure the kids are alright. I mean the young kids, not so much the old ones. In my journey and perspective, the old kids get off on treating the young kids wrong, so I'm all for the little humans. 

To hear more about my journey with children, please click here because my performing arts studio depends on it. I am building a performing arts studio for less fortunate kids to practice their craft. With your investment in my career by allowing my face to be on your journey with littles ones will truly support me more than you will ever know on healing the world. Think of the children.

Before I faced my fears and decided to do music, run my businesses and brands, and assist my husband with his businesses full time, I worked in various places. I was a shift manager at Taco Bell, a sales associate and manager in training at UNIQLO, a sales associate at NIKE, a membership representative at Fitness Formula Clubs, a visual merchandiser at GAP, and the list goes on. Working with these brands have been a wonderful experience, and a more wonderful experience is working with them on music related or fashion related experiences. Fashion and style are essential parts of Life, I mean we have to dress ourselves and feel good in our clothes. Click here if you want to understand more on my views on fashion. You can also click here to see my sponsorship with PIPA and how we promoted her Vintage clothing line with Sanía Iman Music.